FlowOne Engineering (F1E) is a professional engineering service provider.  We specialise in training and consultancy relating to computational models in engineering.  Be it CFD, FEA, or CAE in general we can cater to your needs.

We are on FB  https://www.facebook.com/FlowOneEng

F1E is also registered as ECP with JPJ.  Any automotive plans which require approval from JPJ can be vetted by F1E.

CFD or computations of fluid dynamics as we would like to refer it (rather than the usual term of computational fluid dynamics) is a specialised field of computer simulations and computations of the usually unpredictable behaviour of fluids such as aerodynamics (air), liquids (water, oil, etc), pyrodynamics (fire, combustions) and/or combinations of these states (multi-phase).  

The fact to the matter is that CFD is always growing and seems to be never-ending developing until someday, when true conclusive understanding of chaotic nature of turbulence is achieved or a new mathematics is invented to understand so.  Till then, CFD shall remain as a specialised tool, neither fool-proof nor robust.  It is a powerful tool to be used with high care by specialists.